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Low Voltage

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HD LVBLB-6 Compact 6"   Fluorescent BlackliteTM and Mini Flashlight Clear plastic lamp protection with wrist lanyard.

Uses 4-AA batteries.

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HD LVBLB-802R Rechargeable Twin Fluorescent. Switch on one for BlackliteTM and the other for standard fluorescent.Two suction cups and carrying strap. Compact unit operates/recharges from 12 volt power source or with 6-D cell batteries. 12 volt power cord.


hhb2b.jpg (17850 bytes) HD LVBLB-222B Low Profile 12V, 18"Twin Fluorescent. Four way switch allows for single BlackliteTM , white or both simultaneously. Two oversized suction cups. Fifteen foot cord with power plug. Additional BLB lamps can be purchased for a twin Blacklite.



Hand Held Inspection

 hh210a.jpg (11799 bytes) The HDB-2100 HandyBlack™features a self ballasted woodsglass lamp that eliminates bulky ballast and filter assemblies.    hhb520a.jpg (12187 bytes) The HDB-5200 HandyBlack™ballasted with filter assembly.     hhfig.jpg (4650 bytes)



Automotive, Forensics, & Special Effects

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The HDFS-2002-A Blacklite™ includes:
Breakthrough patent pending reflector and our SWP dichroic filter technology develop more ultraviolet light than any other blacklight in its class.
Patent pending eye wear design allows the user to see even the smallest leak in high ambient light environments.
Relay controlled load switching, glass filled nylon body and fused input connector make the HDFS-2002-A the safest blacklight in the industry.
"Instant On" bulb operation with no warm up time.
20 foot input cord.
Versatile light weight design.
900 design operates from 110V AC, 60Hz, or 12VDC

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