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(Completed at SISIR in Singapore)

The Singapore Housing Development Board has been told by the Singapore Fire Safety Bureau that they will be required to change all of the existing wood doors on all of the existing Singapore Housing Flats to a 30 minute rated fire door.

NIPSEA (Our joint venture partner) has suggested that a low cost solution to the changeover would be to coat the doors with 40 mils of Ff88. Testing of these doors with 40 mils of FFF88 has proven itself capable of protecting these doors under Singapore standard 332.1988 (equivalent to ASTM E-119 test except more severe in that it requires the test to be conducted with a positive pressure) for in excess of 30 minutes.

The doors consist of a standard size door with solid wood rails and stiles, and for 3/8" thick plywood panels. The panels were reinforced with a 1/4" overlay. Note that without the overlay the panels exceeded 20 minutes. Further, the Ff88 coating sealed the standard gap between the door leaf and the frame preventing the escape of hot gasses, smoke and flame around the edges of the door even though the test was being conducted under pressure. Most fire rated steel doors sold in this country can not accomplish this.


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