Ff88 Passes ASTM E-119

Alternative to Sprinklers

Date Line: March 19, 1998
University of California Berkeley
Forest Labs                                                                      

Ff88 The First and only fire-retardant coating to pass the   ASTM E-119 one hours fire Assembly on 1/2 inch unrated sheetrock! The passing of this test allows Ff88 to be used on any 1/2 inches or greater thickness of rated or un-rated sheetrock to be a certified one hours wall assembly, saving millions of dollars in retrofit construction of firewalls!

Applied with an airless sprayer, Ff88 dramatically reduces time, disruption, and cost previously required in firewall retrofit projects.

Use Ff88 as alternative to sprinkler systems in retrofit.

Having passed the ASTM E-119 test and the corner tests, Ff88 can truly be the alternative to sprinkler systems for older buildings. With cost of retrofit of sprinklers at 10 to 20 dollars per sq. ft., there is finally a choice that will not bankrupt building owners.  Additional bonuses: No need for water pressure, no water damage, no testing of system after installation. And no possible system failures!

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