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Pursuant to industry concerns regarding the electronic employment of ground fault potential interruption circuits, Automated Entertainment has developed our fully digital HDDX™ GFI Series Dimmers with an integral ground fault circuit interrupt sensing circuitry.

This newest feature, available on all HDDX™ GFI packs as an option, provides an adjustable threshold of sensitivity from three to 300 milliamps before shutdown occurs, thereby securing safety for both personnel and equipment.

Automated Entertainment utilizes the differential transformer principle which monitors the currents flowing in the protected circuits, compared with the current flowing from the protected circuits. Leakage to ground would appear as a difference between these circuits.

Acceptable levels of detection for protection of:

Personnel:        3ma - 7ma
Equipment:        10ma - 30ma
Commercial/Industrial:    30ma - 300 ma

Our method for providing leakage protection: Each dimmer  incorporates a leakage detector (using the differential transformer principle) to provide protection to 6/12 channel at a time. The resulting configuration would disable the 6/12 channels if any one of the 6/12 channels has a fault condition. Sensitivity of the GFCI shall be adjustable from 3ma to 300ma, regardless of the output voltage of the channel being faulted.

Some common sense provisions should be considered whether or not one's dimmers employ this new safety feature.

1. All load circuit runs should be held to a 250 foot length (as provided by manufacturers recommendations), thereby keeping to a minimum the normal capacity leakage internal to the conductors. Actual testing of the HDDX's internal electronic GFCI circuitry to 500 feet has been accomplished with 10AWG wire in conduit.

2. Provision shall be made to accommodate proper system grounding at power entry to rack via grounding connector or compression lug.

3. Monthly test to ensure circuit/GVCI protection of the system.

12 Channels of 12 Amperes
6 Channels of 20 Amperes
Output Voltage Limiting Capability
Automatic Line Voltage Sensing 95-255VAC
Selectable Dimming Curves
Self Diagnostics
Fully Isolated Power Stage
Fully Isolated DMX512 Input
All Functions and Operational Status Report via Display
Programmable Memories - 5 Pages, 100 Programmable Looks (discrete levels on dimmer ch's)
Fully Soft Patchable/Patch Disable
Analogue Control Input
DMX512 Receive Active Indication
Phase Active Indication
Regulation of Output Selectable
Pre-Heat Level Selection
Slave Addressable RX/DMX from other DX Units
No Load Indication (optional)
Programmable Non-Dim/Trigger Level
Programmable Sequencer/Chase
Broadcast Quality Filtering
Extra Heavy Duty Pair SCR Outputs
Test Functions
Line Voltage Monitoring per Phase
Neutral Error (Auto Shut-Down)
Output Connector Options
19 Inch Rack Mount, 2U Enclosure
Slim 16.5"W Chassis
Internal Operating Temperature Display
DMX Termination Select
Bump Level to 1/2 or Full/Set-Up
Lock Out Feature

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